DM Greg Will be at Winter Fantasy 45

Greetings Adventurers! DM Greg will be at virtual Winter Fantasy 45 Feb 3rd- 7th, 2021. I will be running Adventurers League modules MOON 12-1, MOON12-2, and MOON12-3! All games will be hosted on the virtual tabletop Fantasy Grounds Unity. Registration can be found here: DM Greg’s Adventures!

Importing DnD Beyond Into Fantasy Grounds Unity

DM Greg here to show you how to convert content you own in DnD Beyond into Fantasy Grounds Unity for personal use. Please leave you comments below if you would like to see specific questions answered. Thanks for watching, DM Greg

Getting Started With Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition On Fantasy Grounds

DM Greg here with an article on how to get started playing Mongoose Traveller 2e on Fantasy Grounds. The first thing you may be asking yourself is what is Traveller 2e? Traveller is a tabletop science fiction RPG released in 1977 by Game Designer’s Workshop. The setting takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy during … Continue reading Getting Started With Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition On Fantasy Grounds

Pool of Radiance – Character Creation

Dungeons and Dragons “Pool of Radiance” by SSI is a combination 1st/3rd person PC game released 31 December 1987. DM Greg is hopping in the retro video game machine to bring you playthroughs of classic RPG games.


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