DM Greg at May’s VDDW

DM Greg will be at May’s Virtual D&D Weekend from the 20th-21st running some old-school Adventurers League modules. Season One Tyranny of Dragons! DDEX 01-03 – Shadows of the Moonsea – Fantasy Grounds Unity DDEX 01-06 – The Scroll Thief – Fantasy Grounds Unity DDEX 01-09 – Outlaws of the Iron Route – Fantasy Grounds … Continue reading DM Greg at May’s VDDW

Lost Mine of Phandelver – Paid Game

DM Greg will be running the Lost Mine of Phandelver on Fantasy Grounds early this summer! If you are interested in learning to play D&D or experiencing an introductory campaign on the VTT Fantasy Grounds then check out DM Greg’s StartPlaying adventure!StartPlaying

Virtual D&D Weekends – November 2021

DM Greg will be at Wizards of the Coast’s Virtual Dungeons and Dragons Weekend Friday, November 19th, and Saturday, November 20th running Tier 2 Adventurers League Misthunters adventures. Please sign up for each event below. RMH-07 The City of Dreams  Friday, November 19 at 7:00pm EST Sign Up! RMH-08 The Palace of Bones Saturtady, November … Continue reading Virtual D&D Weekends – November 2021


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