Kotaku’s Top 10 RPG Books of 2022 on Fantasy Grounds

Kotaku recently published The 10 Best Tabletop Roleplaying Books Of 2022. Many of the products on the list can be purchased and played on Fantasy Grounds right now. Here is the list of available titles to date: Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Level Up Adventurer’s Guide Level Up Monstrous Menagerie Level Up Trials & Treasure … Continue reading Kotaku’s Top 10 RPG Books of 2022 on Fantasy Grounds

2022 ENNIE Awards Nominees on Fantasy Grounds

Congratulations to the 2022 Ennie nominees! Below is a growing list of ENNIE Awards nominated adventures and rulesets that you can play right now on the VTT Fantasy Grounds: Adventures WBW-DC-CONMAR-06 Two Hearts Apart I Find That Familiar (WBW-DC-FDC-03) The Monster of Wonderia (WBW-DC-FDC-04) Rulesets Dune – Adventures in the Imperium

DM Greg at May’s VDDW

DM Greg will be at May’s Virtual D&D Weekend from the 20th-21st running some old-school Adventurers League modules. Season One Tyranny of Dragons! DDEX 01-03 – Shadows of the Moonsea – Fantasy Grounds Unity DDEX 01-06 – The Scroll Thief – Fantasy Grounds Unity DDEX 01-09 – Outlaws of the Iron Route – Fantasy Grounds … Continue reading DM Greg at May’s VDDW

Lost Mine of Phandelver – Paid Game

DM Greg will be running the Lost Mine of Phandelver on Fantasy Grounds early this summer! If you are interested in learning to play D&D or experiencing an introductory campaign on the VTT Fantasy Grounds then check out DM Greg’s StartPlaying adventure!StartPlaying


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