DDEX1-10 Tyranny in Phlan

Last night my Adventurers League group deviated from the season 5 story arc to visit a Tier 2 module from season 1. The biggest driver was that there was not enough content published in season 5 to get everyone into Tier 3 unless they made every session AND used dowtime to level up. So we agreed to run a two sequencing modules out of season 1 in order to get everyone the ability to hit Tier 3.

DDAL09-01 Escape From Elturgard 04/16/20

Last night I ran my first Adventurers League game as a guest DM with the Fantasy Grounds College. Also a first, running DDAL09-01. I was pretty happy with the pacing of the module for new players and the mix of combat and role playing. I’m looking forward to running this again!