Gamers Decide Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG’s on Fantasy Grounds

Gamers Decide recently released a top ten best sci-fi tabletop RPG list and 4 of the titles, including the top two, can be played on the virtual tabletop Fantasy Grounds right now.

Coming in at #9 on the list is Savage Worlds by PEG Inc.

At #7 is Dune: Adventures in the Imperium from Modiphius Entertainment.

Jumping way ahead to #2 is Traveller by Mongoose Publishing.

And at #1 we have Starfinder from Paizo Inc.

Fantasy Grounds – Paizo Organized Play Game Day

Fantasy Grounds is now putting on a monthly Paizo Organized Game Day event that includes both Pathfinder Society (PFS) and Starfinder Society (SFS) games!

The first event is scheduled for April 9th and is planned to run every second Saturday of the month. Player sign-ups are live and you can get your first game in by following this link:

Game Masters are rewarded for each game that they signup to run. Incentives include:

  • $5(US) gift certificate at
  • 1000 Fantasy Grounds Forge gold for every 3 game run

Where to find us

Games are run on the main Fantasy Grounds Discord server. There are visible Organized Play Channels to navigate to first. Once you find them follow the directions in the #get-pfs-sfs-game-day-access channel, then secret game day channels will open for you that are only visible to participants of the program.

We also have a Facebook group where announcements and game listings are posted here:

We look forward to seeing you there!



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