Welcome to DM Greg’s Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League Website

Are you interested in playing D&D Adventurers League games on Fantasy Grounds? I Dungeon Master at least 2 games a week and I am always looking for more players. Please check out the game calendar to the right for signup info. Also, I keep my AL Session Log’s hosted on this site if you ever need to come back for reference.

A few things for players considering playing:

  • DM Greg utilizes Fantasy Grounds Classic for hosting games and Discord for voice chat.
  • Players only need a Demo License to play.
  • DM Greg will share his Players Handbook and supplemental books in game.
  • Please show up with characters prepared. Typically the host client will be open 1 hour before sessions for character import/build. Please check out Fantasy Grounds College if you need some help.
  • At the end of the session DM Greg will export character sheets for use in other Adventurers League games.
  • Finally, I do run CCC and older AL modules. I still abide by the current AL season (Season 9) for awarding levels, downtime, gold, magic items, etc.

I look forward to meeting up and rolling some dice with your heroes!